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‘Tis the Season of Wonder

Gold Star Parenting Moment happened today: My almost four year old daughter had a friend over for a playdate. The friend: “Did you know, I’ve seen the movie Brave?” My almost-four-year-old (full of starry-eyed wonder): “Really?! No shit!” I’d love [...]

Mama wrote a poem

Featured in Mamalode magazine, Issue no. 21 First Person Present by Carrie Friedman I try so hard to live in the present while raising her, to be fully there as we are dancing around the kitchen, her arms wrapped around [...]

Mea Culpa Parentis

A piece I wrote for the Washington Post:

Changing the Classics

A piece by yours truly, featured on Mamalode:

In Which We Explain The Tooth Fairy (Or Try To, Anyway)

  Kid: So she comes into my room? Me: Yes, but while you’re sleeping. You won’t even know she’s there. Kid: And she takes my tooth? Me: And she gives you money for it! Kid (eyes welling with tears) : [...]

Toddler on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown

can be found here, featured on Elephant Journal:

Music Minute

Music Minute

My three year old’s latest musical critique: (We are listening to the oldies channel on the radio while driving to school.) Her: “What is this nonsense?” Me: “These are the Beatles!” Her: “This isn’t singing, Mom. It’s screaming.” And there [...]

What’s in my bag?

What’s in my bag?

You know those articles in magazines like US Weekly and some fashion magazines called “what’s in my bag,” where we get a sneak peek inside the purses of the stars? For copyright purposes, I can’t attach photos of these, but [...]

The Continuing Disintegration of my Mind

Get Me A Raft, For the Love of Dido, Because I Am Going Down With This Ship:


“A talking pig?! I never heard of such a thing!” -my toddlers, fact-checking the Olivia books.

Leaving My Three Year Old’s Room At The End of the Night

by Carrie Friedman   Me: Okay, I love you. I’ll see you in the morning. Her: Wait – Mommy. Are there any maps in my room? Me: Maps? No. Her: Are there any bees? Me: No. No bees. Her: We [...]

(Definitely) Didn’t Expect: Momnesia

by Carrie Friedman We met a friend’s newborn for the first time last night. The minute I spotted their baby girl’s tiny toes peeking out of her bunting as she was draped across her dad’s shoulder, I was done. I [...]

Toddler Talk, volume 2

A conversation with my three year old today: Her: We don’t say ‘Oh Shit.’ Me: That’s right, we don’t. Her: Kids don’t say Oh Shit and grown ups don’t say Oh Shit either. Me: That’s correct. No one should say [...]