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Toddler Talk

A conversation with my two-and-a-half year old last night:

Her: Sometimes, you can be going along and all of a sudden you just feel sad!

Me: Like when? What makes you feel sad?

Her: I don’t like to share with sissy.

Me: I know. Sharing is hard. But it’s part of life. You would want people to share with you, right? So it’s important that you share with others, especially sissy.

Her: Remember Auntie Arleen?

Me: Yes.

Her: She doesn’t have a beard.

Me: You’re right. No beard.

Her: Ladies don’t have beards. Santa has a beard.

Me: Yes, Santa has a long beard.

Her: And he has a big low voice just like Uncle Doug.


Her: Sometimes Uncle Doug’s voice scares me. But he doesn’t have a beard. He’s not Santa. Ho ho ho!

(I nod.)

Her: Mommy, you like yellow because it’s the color of sunshine.

(I nod.)

Her: We have to put the caps on all the markers because otherwise, they dry out! And we don’t want that.

(I nod.)

Her: Yesterday, when we were using our listening ears, we heard a Dreamington!

Me: A what?

Her: A Dreamington! That bird we all heard outside last night!


Me: Ohhh, the Nightingale?

Her: Yes. Nightingale. It was tired so it said Oooh-Wooo-Woo.


Her: Not Ho ho ho. It’s not Santa.

(I nod.)

Carrie Friedman

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