Pregnant Pause

My latest piece, in Modern Loss

I wrote this short essay almost two years ago; finally found a home for it recently. Had My Dog Come Back as a Squirrel? 

President Barbie

My latest essay, on Motherwell:  

Dog Planet

How my husband and I (tried to) explain our beagle’s death to our young daughters:

Barking at Squirrels

Our beloved beagle died in early September. We all grieved differently. Here’s what happened with me:

Hold On

A piece I wrote last year, about disassembling our last crib, published today on Mamalode:

Things I did NOT write…

Things I did NOT write…

…but that I’ve found very helpful/heartening in the last day or so. These words: This poem (by the late great Leonard Cohen): The idea of Thank You notes: My almost-five year old overheard me mention to a friend that I’d […]

National Dog Day

National Dog Day

Our almost-12-year old beagle, Bowie, is very sick. Every day lately seems to present a different challenge, moving him further away from the hearty health he’s enjoyed for a long time. We tried to treat his cancer, it proved resistant. […]

We’ve all felt this way

I feel like this 30 second video accurately depicts what it means and feels like to be a parent:

Out of the mouths of babes

Out of the mouths of babes

Oldest, not yet five years old, said: “Take a picture of me with my six daughters. Being a mom is exhausting but SO worth it.” I mean, come on.

In regards to future Mother’s Days

Dear Husband: You’re terrific and you’re doing a great job as a parent to our kids. In related news: this sentiment is all I want for Mother’s Day in the future. Doesn’t have to be included with flowers or a […]

“Don’t Quit Your Day-Jobs, Mice.”

“Don’t Quit Your Day-Jobs, Mice.”

That is what I said to cartoon mice today. I said it under my breath, quiet enough that my kids couldn’t hear me. But the point is that something possessed me to say it out loud.We were piled on the couch […]

Mama wrote another poem

  Cracks by Carrie Friedman   “The world is SO wonderful!” she exclaims one Saturday morning as she and her sister ride their scooters behind me on a walk to the coffee shop. “But I could do without all the […]

‘Tis the Season of Wonder

Gold Star Parenting Moment happened today: My almost four year old daughter had a friend over for a playdate. The friend: “Did you know, I’ve seen the movie Brave?” My almost-four-year-old (full of starry-eyed wonder): “Really?! No shit!” I’d love […]

Mama wrote a poem

Featured in Mamalode magazine, Issue no. 21 First Person Present by Carrie Friedman I try so hard to live in the present while raising her, to be fully there as we are dancing around the kitchen, her arms wrapped around […]

Mea Culpa Parentis

A piece I wrote for the Washington Post:

Changing the Classics

A piece by yours truly, featured on Mamalode:

In Which We Explain The Tooth Fairy (Or Try To, Anyway)

  Kid: So she comes into my room? Me: Yes, but while you’re sleeping. You won’t even know she’s there. Kid: And she takes my tooth? Me: And she gives you money for it! Kid (eyes welling with tears) : […]

Toddler on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown

can be found here, featured on Elephant Journal:

Music Minute

Music Minute

My three year old’s latest musical critique: (We are listening to the oldies channel on the radio while driving to school.) Her: “What is this nonsense?” Me: “These are the Beatles!” Her: “This isn’t singing, Mom. It’s screaming.” And there […]

What’s in my bag?

What’s in my bag?

You know those articles in magazines like US Weekly and some fashion magazines called “what’s in my bag,” where we get a sneak peek inside the purses of the stars? For copyright purposes, I can’t attach photos of these, but […]