Pregnant Pause

The Continuing Disintegration of my Mind

Get Me A Raft, For the Love of Dido, Because I Am Going Down With This Ship:


“A talking pig?! I never heard of such a thing!” -my toddlers, fact-checking the Olivia books.

Leaving My Three Year Old’s Room At The End of the Night

by Carrie Friedman   Me: Okay, I love you. I’ll see you in the morning. Her: Wait – Mommy. Are there any maps in my room? Me: Maps? No. Her: Are there any bees? Me: No. No bees. Her: We […]

(Definitely) Didn’t Expect: Momnesia

by Carrie Friedman We met a friend’s newborn for the first time last night. The minute I spotted their baby girl’s tiny toes peeking out of her bunting as she was draped across her dad’s shoulder, I was done. I […]

Toddler Talk, volume 2

A conversation with my three year old today: Her: We don’t say ‘Oh Shit.’ Me: That’s right, we don’t. Her: Kids don’t say Oh Shit and grown ups don’t say Oh Shit either. Me: That’s correct. No one should say […]

Diaper Surprise

This is a real ad, for an actual product, that my kids and I have seen advertised on TV. Watch and learn:

My Two Year Olds, The Teenagers

By Carrie Friedman For the next couple of months, I have two two-year-olds. Two kids going through the terrible two’s, simultaneously: Our youngest turned two the other day, and just like that, she changed. It was subtle, but real. As she […]

Top Ten Reasons We Won’t Be Having Sex Tonight

Blatant Gender B.S., continued

Blatant Gender B.S., continued

As my faithful readers know, I have a real issue with gender pigeon-holing. A few weeks ago, I took my toddler daughters to the museum. They had a blast, running from exhibit to exhibit, peering up at their favorite animals […]

The New Pressure Of Date Night

by Carrie Friedman A weekend is rapidly approaching. I vaguely recall when weekends used to be good things, fabulous mini-vacations after what felt like strenuous work-weeks. I was in my 20’s, I thought the work was hard but realize, years […]

Toddler Talk

A conversation with my two-and-a-half year old last night: Her: Sometimes, you can be going along and all of a sudden you just feel sad! Me: Like when? What makes you feel sad? Her: I don’t like to share with […]

Preschool Applications

With preschool fast-approaching for my oldest child (gulp!), I am reminded of the surprisingly grueling application process from a year or two ago (when said-oldest was a mere infant). It’s a bit of a frenzy where we live, but, happily, […]

A Mother Creates Her Son’s Dreamworld…and it creeps me out

A Mother Creates Her Son’s Dreamworld…and it creeps me out

It went viral a few months ago – the link is here: a mother’s artistic photos of her son’s “dreamworld”, all taken while he naps. On the floor, it seems. There are many reasons this bothers me. Let me count the […]

Read it and weep:

Brain, Child Magazine

My New Look

I look great for a woman in her 50’s. I’m 37. From toting my babies, I now seem to have the arms of a heroin addict, minus the track-marks: all bony and ropy and veiny. Madonna’s arms, only slightly less […]

blocks of text

blocks of text

Look, I consider myself an avid reader, or I used to be, before I had kids. I was an English major in college, I have piles of books I intend to read on most surfaces in my house, and on […]

changing the classics

by Carrie Friedman I sang Jimmie Davis’s You Are My Sunshine to our unborn children in the womb and while listening to the words coming out of my mouth, I was a little perturbed.  Sure, the tune is singsongy, you […]

Spelling it out

Since both my children have reached the highly verbal “parrot” age, I’ve had to really watch my mouth. I used to swear quite a bit, before I had kids. Now, I still swear, only I spell it out. Sure, it’s […]

Tragically Unhip

by Carrie Friedman Last night, as I dished out dinner onto my kids’ high chair trays (AKA the only time of day when they are immobile while still being awake), I turned on a little music and danced. When it […]

Just sayin’…

Few things sound as horrible to me as family camp does.