Pregnant Pause

New Stores of Choice

  Used to be: Fred Segal and other swanky-tank places Now: It’s Walgreens. Everything I could possibly need is there (baby formula, milk, eggs, baby food, shaded lawn chairs, Midol, dog bones and treats, $5.99 flip flops, pajama jeans). Conversely, […]

The Hot Mess I’ve Become

I used to care about my appearance. I did. I used to get dressed up, matched my shoes to my purse, used to look in the mirror, brush my hair, put in my contact lenses, paint lipgloss after lining my […]

All This Fear

These horrific bombings and shootings make me not want to leave my house. They make me want to home-school our babes and spend 24 hours a day campaigning for gun control and build a bunker and forbid them from leaving […]

Things I Have Said and Meant in the Moment But Later Regretted

-To my husband: “If you sneeze one more time I’m gonna need you to leave the house. Or take some allergy meds. You could wake the kids.” -To my brother, who called me once at 7:15pm: “How dare you call […]

A Question of Security

A few months ago, my husband and I started our preschool search in earnest. In Los Angeles, preschools have become a source of parental hysteria, the belief that if one’s child doesn’t get in to a good preschool, they won’t […]

The Resentment

I overslept. I took what was supposed to be a 20 minute nap this morning after a sleepless night with the youngest, but the nap stretched to 38 minutes, enough over that my husband missed his gym class, his one […]

The Despair

Our younger child stopped sleeping through the night two months ago. Now, she wakes up every two hours some nights, or every hour on the hour, like a broken, sadistic alarm clock. Last night, it was every 15 minutes until […]

Well hello there.

Maybe you’re here because you read my LATimes piece, or my Brain, Child piece. Or maybe you accidentally stumbled onto this page through Google. Any which way, welcome! I started this blog (and modeled it after those ubiquitous What To […]