Things I did NOT write…

Things I did NOT write…

…but that I’ve found very helpful/heartening in the last day or so. These words: This poem (by the late great Leonard Cohen): The idea of Thank You notes: My almost-five year old overheard me mention to a friend that I’d […]

In regards to future Mother’s Days

Dear Husband: You’re terrific and you’re doing a great job as a parent to our kids. In related news: this sentiment is all I want for Mother’s Day in the future. Doesn’t have to be included with flowers or a […]

Music Minute

Music Minute

My three year old’s latest musical critique: (We are listening to the oldies channel on the radio while driving to school.) Her: “What is this nonsense?” Me: “These are the Beatles!” Her: “This isn’t singing, Mom. It’s screaming.” And there […]

Toddler Talk, volume 2

A conversation with my three year old today: Her: We don’t say ‘Oh Shit.’ Me: That’s right, we don’t. Her: Kids don’t say Oh Shit and grown ups don’t say Oh Shit either. Me: That’s correct. No one should say […]

My Two Year Olds, The Teenagers

By Carrie Friedman For the next couple of months, I have two two-year-olds. Two kids going through the terrible two’s, simultaneously: Our youngest turned two the other day, and just like that, she changed. It was subtle, but real. As she […]

Toddler Talk

A conversation with my two-and-a-half year old last night: Her: Sometimes, you can be going along and all of a sudden you just feel sad! Me: Like when? What makes you feel sad? Her: I don’t like to share with […]

Preschool Applications

With preschool fast-approaching for my oldest child (gulp!), I am reminded of the surprisingly grueling application process from a year or two ago (when said-oldest was a mere infant). It’s a bit of a frenzy where we live, but, happily, […]

Read it and weep:

Brain, Child Magazine

Just sayin’…

Few things sound as horrible to me as family camp does.

The Ever-Expanding Heart

Right before she falls asleep for the night, our youngest lists off all the words she knows, as if she’s doing a roll call. I listen outside her door. Doggie? (Check.) Meow? Daddy? (Check check.) She goes through them all […]