Tired Words

‘Tis the Season of Wonder

Gold Star Parenting Moment happened today: My almost four year old daughter had a friend over for a playdate. The friend: “Did you know, I’ve seen the movie Brave?” My almost-four-year-old (full of starry-eyed wonder): “Really?! No shit!” I’d love […]

In Which We Explain The Tooth Fairy (Or Try To, Anyway)

  Kid: So she comes into my room? Me: Yes, but while you’re sleeping. You won’t even know she’s there. Kid: And she takes my tooth? Me: And she gives you money for it! Kid (eyes welling with tears) : […]

The Continuing Disintegration of my Mind

Get Me A Raft, For the Love of Dido, Because I Am Going Down With This Ship: http://www.brainchildmag.com/2015/04/the-continuing-disintegration-of-my-mind/

Leaving My Three Year Old’s Room At The End of the Night

by Carrie Friedman   Me: Okay, I love you. I’ll see you in the morning. Her: Wait – Mommy. Are there any maps in my room? Me: Maps? No. Her: Are there any bees? Me: No. No bees. Her: We […]

My Two Year Olds, The Teenagers

By Carrie Friedman For the next couple of months, I have two two-year-olds. Two kids going through the terrible two’s, simultaneously: Our youngest turned two the other day, and just like that, she changed. It was subtle, but real. As she […]

Top Ten Reasons We Won’t Be Having Sex Tonight


The New Pressure Of Date Night

by Carrie Friedman A weekend is rapidly approaching. I vaguely recall when weekends used to be good things, fabulous mini-vacations after what felt like strenuous work-weeks. I was in my 20’s, I thought the work was hard but realize, years […]

blocks of text

blocks of text

Look, I consider myself an avid reader, or I used to be, before I had kids. I was an English major in college, I have piles of books I intend to read on most surfaces in my house, and on […]

Spelling it out

Since both my children have reached the highly verbal “parrot” age, I’ve had to really watch my mouth. I used to swear quite a bit, before I had kids. Now, I still swear, only I spell it out. Sure, it’s […]

Today’s Temper Tantrums

What I said during my toddler’s 4th tantrum of the day: I know, sweetie, you’re so frustrated because you want to hold Zebra RIGHT NOW, but sister is having her turn with Zebra. How about this, let’s count to 20 […]

The Continuing Disintegration of My Mind

I once had a beautiful mind (not a Beautiful Mind, mind you). It was full of interesting nooks and crannies, fabulous contradictions – the same brain that stored memorized poetry and Chaucer (in Old English, obvs) also knew ALL the […]


One magical elfin type to clean up all the dishes and bottles and toys at the end of every day. Hubby and I are too busy (shlepping, but also) enjoying our toddlers, the creators of the messes we are later […]

The “No-Cry Sleep Method” is neither No-Cry nor a Sleep Method. Discuss.

We used to indulge our older child’s sleep quirks, which meant sometimes up to an hour of rocking her to sleep. But when we had our second baby, shit got real, fast. We went right to the experts of the […]

My New Invention

The minute my fingers leave my  younger daughter’s back she screams. I used to stand in her dark room, some nights for an hour, rubbing her back, the crib rail lodged in my armpit, cutting off all circulation to my […]