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a Momifesto of sorts

Big picture it’s amazing: You finally got the family you wanted. You love your babies more than life. It’s an embarrassment of riches. But little picture it’s nearly paralyzing: in the span of less than a year, your life has not just been shaken up but pureed beyond recognition. Just because they’re our little miracles doesn’t mean every moment feels miraculous.

I created this website for mental health’s sake, because we need to be able to talk, vent, complain even, without worrying about what others will say or think of us. And without being reminded of how blessed we are. WE KNOW – that’s WHY we feel guilty most of the time when we complain or even allow a complaint to enter our heads.

So here I am, Carrie Friedman, a writer and mother of two very young kids, putting this out into the e-verse. Venting. Complaining. But also marveling at this amazing, difficult, awesome, exhausting job that isn’t anything like what I expected when I was expecting.

I encourage you to use the comments section to do the same.

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  1. Jane C,

    Enjoyed your article. I can relate. Years ago I heard Dr. Laura say, ask yourself, would you want your daughter to marry him. A great litmus test. BTW, I am a grand mother now. Some of my best times ever have been with the little rascals. Well worth the wait and the growth it took to get here.

  2. Kelly M.

    Sing it, sister! Love this blog.

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