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The Ever-Expanding Heart

Right before she falls asleep for the night, our youngest lists off all the words she knows, as if she’s doing a roll call. I listen outside her door.

Doggie? (Check.) Meow? Daddy? (Check check.) She goes through them all – 30 in total – while she’s sitting in the corner of her crib. After she’s done with the list, and has decided the gang’s all here, she curls into her animals and falls asleep.

It’s during moments like these – and there are usually several per day – when I fear my heart might actually explode, can’t possibly contain all of the love I have for these tiny people. Instead, I am shocked by the fact that my heart continues to expand, continues to make more room for these amazing beings and all of their discoveries, humor, and love.

And then one of them has a ten minute ear-piercing temper tantrum that balances it all out.

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  1. Bob Goldman

    Lovely! <3

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