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Preschool Applications

With preschool fast-approaching for my oldest child (gulp!), I am reminded of the surprisingly grueling application process from a year or two ago (when said-oldest was a mere infant). It’s a bit of a frenzy where we live, but, happily, we got in to our first choices, and are ecstatic about where we’re headed in the fall. 🙂

I am posting here what I wrote back then, in the throes of applying to preschools:

Confession: I didn’t do HALF this much work applying to my own colleges than I’ve so far HAD to do to get our kids in to a halfway decent pre-school. PRE-SCHOOL!

All the applications ask for an “informal” family photo. What does this mean? Are we casually dressed or dressed up? If the opposite of informal is formal, then does that just mean we’re not supposed to hire a professional photographer (which is good since I don’t have one on retainer)?

Confused, we gave it a shot one weekend by setting up the tripod and figuring out the timer function on our camera.

Here are the photos we ended up with:

1. “Lounging” together on the couch as a family (because we do that so often) while wearing our Sunday best. The result? The most strained photo ever committed to film. My husband looks like I ironed his suit with him in it.

2. Then we tried the lounging shot again, this time while wearing jeans and matching white button down shirts. The jeans are faux-messily rolled up and we are all barefoot and breezy and we adjusted the effects when editing to make us looked sunkissed.

“This photo makes me hate myself and us,” my husband says, and I can’t say I disagree with him. Our controlled chaos comes off so fake it makes your teeth hurt.

3. We try the funny route and have beer bottles strewn all over the place, pretend we’re passed out as the kids climb all over us.

But it looked too real.

4. We ended up going to a photo booth at the mall and shoving into one frame. Both kids are in different stages of crying. We call this our Reality shot.

Fingers crossed it works.

Carrie Friedman

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