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Things I did NOT write…

…but that I’ve found very helpful/heartening in the last day or so.

These words:


This poem (by the late great Leonard Cohen):


The idea of Thank You notes:

My almost-five year old overheard me mention to a friend that I’d be writing a thank you note to Hillary Clinton for all of her years of service. Next thing I notice: my daughter, home sick with a chest cold, has written:



Here’s a link for where to send thank you notes to the most qualified candidate ever to run for president:

These links for articles/essays made me feel understood/safe/a sense of community:

and THIS personal anecdote:

Today, my youngest, while climbing the rock wall for the first time, screamed with pride: “I’m not giving up!!” as she climbed higher and higher.


And so we don’t give up. Life is change. This one feels especially hard, unnecessary, and terrifying, but we will survive. (I hope we’ll survive. I think we will. 70% sure right now.)

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