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A Mother Creates Her Son’s Dreamworld…and it creeps me out

It went viral a few months ago – the link is here: a mother’s artistic photos of her son’s “dreamworld”, all taken while he naps. On the floor, it seems.

There are many reasons this bothers me. Let me count the ways:

1. Is the child ever awake? Or has she drugged him? What child sleeps a) that much and b) so soundly, on the floor, through all of this…choreography…that she’s placing around him?

2. It feels exploitative to me. Don’t create your son’s dream world. Create your own dream world and leave your child out of it. It’s so very Tori Spelling of you, lady, to use your kid as a prop, as fodder, before he is old enough to consent.

3. I think this sort of thing, and Pinterest, are contributing to lots of mommy guilt lately. Here’s this woman who clearly has quite a bit of time on her hands. But oh wait – she’s got THREE kids, not just the one. (I found I could do almost ANYTHING with just one kid, while she napped. It was a breeze! Compared to more than one….) So right there, I’m feeling a mix of jealousy, hatred, and shame. After all, I don’t do shit like this when my TWO kids sleep. I watch Real Fucking Housewives and cut my toenails or sleep! Am I SUPPOSED to be doing crap like this? Getting all creative and nutty and mixed media-y? Because I can’t. And I won’t. (But mostly because I can’t. I have WAY too many Real Housewives franchises to catch up on.)

4. I have decided this mother must be on either cocaine or an elaborate cocktail of uppers. Nothing else can explain this level of obsession and energy. There. Now I feel better.



-Carrie Friedman

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