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One magical elfin type to clean up all the dishes and bottles and toys at the end of every day.

Hubby and I are too busy (shlepping, but also) enjoying our toddlers, the creators of the messes we are later too tired to clean up. Also, we would much rather witness the younger one say the word “rainbow” for the first time while pointing out the window, or the older one read/paraphrase a book to her little sister. These moments are the stuff of life – moments we can’t explain to each other or  re-do. It’s just not the same when one of us is downstairs, resenting the shit out of the other while scrubbing out bottles.

So, more Rainbows, less Dawn dishwashing detergent.

It would be mostly light housekeeping at the end of every day and then said magical elf can rest in the broom closet until the next evening.

Too soon for a live-in robot maid like the Jetsons had?

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